Your Virtual Chef

Home cooked meals.     Delivered to your door.   Frozen for your convenience and lasting freshness.   Your admin free, delicious dining experience.

It’s Easy

You order

We deliver

Keep frozen until needed

8 Minutes in the microwave


It’s Good

We focus on delicious tasting food, which nourishes and cares for your body.

We use fresh ingredients to create healthy, low carb, high fat (LCHF) dishes.

The daily dining experience you’ve dreamed of, but haven’t had time or budget for.

It’s For You

You’re rushing to meet deadlines, have kids that need fetching, don’t like the fuss of cooking, or don’t have the time to prepare the delicious meals you’d love to eat.

Your IntsasaFoods chef ensures that you are nourished and satisfied without the fuss, flops, quick fixes and unhealthy compromise. Low carb, high fat, healthy food that your body loves.


Take a look at our menu.